Let’s Create A Video Of Your Favourite Moments

Have you ever regretted not ensuring a memento of the most beautiful moments of your life? From now on, you don’t have to forever live in regret because Max and Molly Films is here to document those precious moments and turn them into films and photos.

Max and Molly Films has been established by the husband and wife tandem sometime in 2012. The purpose is to help you in ensuring that your precious moments live in eternity. We do this by covering your events — be it birthdays, weddings, baptisms, and other special moments in your or your family members’ lives. Our outputs can be in various formats depending on your requirements. We can also follow different themes in the photos and videos, again depending on your preferences. The important thing to remember is that we follow whatever you want, even if you want to do your shoot in a different state, abroad, your garden, on a mountain, or a beautiful. We got into photography after our friends at a1garage.com/tempe took us on a photo shoot of one of their newly installed custom garage doors.

To know the kind of services that we provide, you can refer to the list below:


We offer high definition photography for all of your events. Our photography can be indoor and outdoor and can be shot according to your different themes. Aside from that, we even offer directing services so that your photos will appear according to how you want it to be. Our only request is that we have a briefing at least 2 days prior to the event in order for us to visualize what you want and prepare for the shoot that you like. Travel requirements and other fees associated to the theme that you desire will be included in the contract.


We offer different types of videos according to your requirements. Our videos are high definition and are guaranteed to follow the theme of your events. At the outset, we will show you sample shots and work with you to determine the kind of takes that we can make for you. You will then have to decide on the kind of shots that you would like us to implement. We will also ask you to fill up detailed forms so that we will be able to conceptualize the entire look and feel of the video before your event. This will be summarized in a form which we will ask you to sign.

Combined photography and videography

For your events, we usually recommend that you get our combined photo and video coverage. Our packages for the combined services are usually cheaper than the stand-alone and you are guaranteed to get maximum benefit. What’s more, if you get our combined packages, you are assured that both types of coverage will complement each other and will be done according to your requirements.

What are you waiting for? Book us now for your events to ensure lasting mementos of your special moments. Just click the contact us tab.