This page is dedicated to our customers to whom we owe so much gratitude. Feel free to post here your feedback about our service. Thank you so much!

Maxwell, 35

Max and Molly Films is awesome! We got them for my wedding. Since we were not really very good with videos, we just asked them to do their thing and just surprise us at the end. We were not really sure what to expect. But when we saw the video, we were super blown away. They were so great with what they do that they provided us with awesome footage and a beautiful edited coverage of our wedding. My wife and I couldn’t be much happier with the result. Thank you so much.

Carol, 42

I am so happy with the result of the photo and video coverage of Max and Molly. I got them for the wedding anniversary of my parents. They asked us to unearth old photos of Mom and Dad and they integrated them in the video. It was such a splendid idea. Also, they did this live coverage of the event and the people were so fascinated with what they have done. Kudos to Max and Molly Films!

Rhia, 32

Max and Molly Films is such a professional company. Every time I get them, I can feel their trustworthiness. I am an event coordinator and I always recommend them for every event I handle. This is because I know that they will deliver a great job and that my clients will be satisfied by the work that they do.

Marc, 26

I am just new to my job when my supervisor asked me to handle an event. One of our suppliers was Max and Molly Films. They handled our photo and video and they were so professionals about it. They are so great!